After retiring from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Randy Sanders formed Pike County Farm, LLC to help manage the natural resources of the family farm in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. It is a small family owned and operated business that offers the following four types of products and services.

Native Plants

More than 200 species of native plants  grow on the farm and nine acres have been permitted as a nursery.  The primary source of potted plants comes from the thinning of wild populations in periodically disturbed habitats (e.g. fields, road and power line right-a-ways).  Plants for sale include a diversity of trees, shrubs, ferns, milkweeds and wetland species with an emphasis on woody species beneficial to wildlife. 

Woodland Products

Environmentally sustainable forestry practices are used to manage approximately 150 forested acres at the family farm. Forestry and wildlife management practices and principles include the reforestation of old fields, tree plantings, biodiversity, invasive plant control, timber stand improvement, crop tree release, and uneven aged stands with an emphasis on large healthy trees. Woodland products are made primarily from weather damaged and dying trees.  After cutting them into logs, a  portable band sawmill is used to mill live edge slabs, timbers, lumber and cants with an emphasis on character grain and wood from all of the tree species growing on the farm.  After the wood is air and solar dried at the farm, the wood is moved to a woodworking shop for small scale manufacturing.  Woodland products for sale include live edged slabs, timbers and handcrafted picture frames with nature photographs taken by Randy. The business is also making a small number of other custom made products (e.g., stools, benches, tables, and cutting boards).  Randy can also do custom lumbermill work at the farm.

Wildlife Habitat Consulting

Randy has more than 20 years of experience managing a variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitats at the farm for abundant populations of game (white-tail deer, ruff grouse and wild turkeys) and non-game (dragonflies to butterflies) species.  Contact Randy to discuss a plan for your property or to learn how he does it.

Environmental Education

Randy enjoys sharing and teaching what he has learned during his professional career as a state biologist and how he manages the family farm.  Contact Randy if you are interested in presentations on a wide variety of subjects such as Ohio streams (Randy is the principle author of A Guide to Ohio Streams), the fishes of Ohio, Ohio’s great woody plants, farming for wildlife, or even how to handcraft picture frames from a tree that has fallen during a wind storm! 

Randy Sanders
Pike County Farm LLC
183 Oakland Park Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43214
Phone: (614) 262.8940
Cell Phone: (614) 288.0604